Hiatus again

Hey all, we’re temporarily on hiatus again and will be playing a different game with a different DM for a while. See you soon!


The fallen tree which interrupted our last game session is being cleared as we speak. Game on for next Sunday!

Notice: No game night July 15th

Meagan and I will be out of town. the game will resume the following week. Feel free to add content for bonus experience or to run items by me to line story stuff up for when we return.

Act 3 Starts Now

Congratulations for making this far. Let’s see if you can seal the deal.

Notice: No game night May 20th

I have some other plans on the next game night unfortunately and will not be able to run our regularly scheduled programming. In the mean time, I would like to get a night of 40k scheduled soon to prep for the new store opening on the 26th.

Also, reminder that adding content still warrants bounties. Things I’m looking for:
- Lucas’s animal forms list (10 forms)
- Description of Frank’s newly found node Claimed!
- Description of Monica, Senyn’s assistant
- Description of repairs made to Thomas’s office
- Description of Allison’s challenger for the upcoming election
- Updated photos for various characters (mine included)

There’s exp to be gained!

Reminder to update your character’s sheet as well with any changes or experience gained.

Getting back, back on track

Excellent first night everyone. A few notes…

I will begin tracking experience gained on the adventure log. Check there if there are questions or concerns.

We need to recover at least one character sheet. Let’s try to get everyone’s info on the character section up to date.

We will continue to schedule on Sundays as usual. See you then!

We’re headed back to the city!

Act 2 resume tomorrow after we wrap up Deathwatch. Get your characters ready!
Hopefully this turns things in a skewed direction…

Status: Hiatus

Oh no!
Not really, we are taking a break to let me refocus on the story and to give Glen’s Deathwatch campaign a run for a changeup in flavor. Expect to be back in the World of Darkness before you know it.

Thanks everyone and a reminder!

Thank you everyone for contributing to the Obsidian Portal page for our game. Not only are you earning experience for the game, you are building it into something better than what one person can do alone!
There are new items and character descriptions so make sure you go back and brush up on what’s out there. There are still bonuses being awarded for those adding content! Make sure to update your character sheet when you have a chance. This helps me build a better game for you!


New: Game Map

Mish has provided us a nice Google Map for our campaign setting. The link is provided in Notable Locales. if you run into issues accessing or editing these, contact Mish.

Notice: Bounties!

Hey all, you’ll notice that I’ve been updating the wiki and adventure blog. There will be research to be done and I can always use a hand. I will post bounties in certain parts of the pages for information I still need. If you can fill in the blanks, you will get cold hard experience.

Open bounties:
Characters – Upload your character into the character page using the generic World of Darkness sheet. Bounty still open for Dox.
Notable Locales – Update the wiki with places of import (homes, workplace, character history).
NPCs – Update the wiki with NPCs your character is tightly familiar with.
Append/Expand – Append game notes to or character history to existing wiki articles.

Make sure I’m notified so I can see what you’ve added and hand out bounties. This is of course at my discretion. Not every edit will warant a reward, but they are still appreciated.

Our Next Game Starts Here!

Bookmark it everyone. I will begin uploading information as I write it for the game and as we progress.

Backdrop to help you get started:
Our game will be taking place right here in the Kansas City area in the old World of Darkness setting (OWoD). Do not feel intimidated if this is your first experience with this game! It’s rather simple. It’s a modern age game and keeping with the WoD motif, everything is dark and dreary and always seems on the edge of collapse (real is brown!). Skills are simple, and I will be available to help you generate whichever kind of character you wish to play. Dice are all d10s in WoD (the Storyteller System) but we should have plenty on hand.

When brewing up a character, you may choose from any of the following game systems, though those marked with † are not reccomended unless you have a compelling character designed:
Character creation is closed. Printable character sheets can be found via the wiki.

Dwindling Days

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