Dwindling Days

Eleventh Night - June 17th

The High Priestess and The Star

After a number of months, many things have occurred.

Senyn has been continuing to work with Erica to expose her latent abilities and make her believe. She seems to have that creative spark within, and Frank has confirmed, but neither are adept enough to mentor her properly. He decides to seek out the pair that he and Frank had met at the recovery shelter, after Erica begins drawing the High Priestess card. He brings along Erica and Monica, his shop clerk, to expose them to new experiences.

Frank has begun to cope with the death of Mikey in his own way. Desiree has been somewhat quiet since, but seems to be holding up. Absorbing himself in his work, Frank has refocused on the search for his master, with Eli supporting him within the library. He has become defacto head of the branch to keep operations moving and a number of sleeping pages and clerks have moved in to help. The police as always have not been helpful since the mysterious deaths of his cabal brothers. Frank is met by a somewhat sociable mage claiming to be from the order, going simply by James. He tells Frank that the order has received strange writings from Bertrand and he is looking to cooperate with Frank to find him. The Order believes that Bertran may be dangerous and has stumbled across some dangerous knowledge. Frank shares his files and some of the sample of smoke before meeting with Senyn.

Thomas, working in the shadows of course, has been accruing a fortune with his investments with Martin. The Lasombra has become quite a partner with Thomas and has become somewhat of a confidant and partner. The Cuthberts have kept in contact and have been performing needed tasks for Thomas, though Cammy continues her party girl lifestyle. The Meades are on speaking terms for contract work, and may come around to form the base of a new power in the city. Martin receives word that the heads at Garmin are interested in Thomas’s activities and may want to meet with him. Martin believes they are kindred as well but beyond that not much is known. Preparations are to be made to set up this meeting.

Allison’s campaign is in full swing. Julie, the shy receptionist, has become somewhat more confidant moving into a personal assistant position for Allison. She is fiercely protective of Allison and much more motivated. A true bond has been formed over the months. On the other hand, Tyler has become somewhat despondent since becoming a blood slave. Though he seems to be following directions and has moved in with Allison again, he is cold and distant. Becky does not seem to be perturbed by this. The former house guest, Helen had moved out a few weeks after Tyler showed up, but has kept in contact with Allison, telling tales of various creatures she has seen and even assaulted. She seems to be couch surfing and hunting without a true aim.

Lucas still struggles with his madness. He seems to be hearing a cacophony of voices in his head. Regardless, he comes back to stay with Thomas, likely in order to drive Gregory mad as well. He decides to reap faith in a spectacular fashion by sneaking aboard a commercial airliner and transforming into an orca while aboard. It works a little too well, destroying the plane. The air disaster is a fiasco in the news but no evidence found as to what caused it.

Senyn, Frank, Monica and Eric visit Nick and Maggie at the shelter. While they are more seasoned as mages, they do not know enough to mentor Erica personally, but are willing to try and help. She shows them her ability with tarot, which is mystifying. Nick decides to perform a ceremony with Erica to help jump start her awareness, relying on hallucinogens. Maggie states that it is safe and Nick, in fact, has been sober for many years. The ceremony culminates in Erica speaking about seeking knowledge and of voices.

Afterwards, Frank receives a call from Miranda saying that her boy, Jerry, has been experiencing another one of his fits and has been sketching and speaking in tongues, borrowing some medical supplies for an IV drip from Thomas, Frank arrives to find the boy breaking out of the fit, terrified. He collects the papers, noting that some appear to contain Enochian script and somewhat strange alchemical symbols. Others seem like strange pictures, possibly of places or faces, but hard to interpret.

Thomas goes for a ride with Cutter to feed. He attempts to strike up friendly banter and insinuates he could definitely use their services. Cutter mentions that his fallen brother wasn’t necessarily his favorite, but he still needs to find a reason to trust in Thomas.

Allison sleeps happily, thinking of reelection even as her husband appears to slip into depression.

Lucas wanders the streets, arriving at Our Lady of Eternal Sufferring. Disregarding a tingling sensation, he enters and meets a sister of the church who offers her ear, but not as a priest. He explains voices and his madness, and she takes him seriously, offering to hear more as he sees a need. She leaves him a card with her name and contact information.

The next morning, Erica lets Senyn know a new card has been drawn: The Star.

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 13
Frank 13
Lucas 14
Senyn 14
Thomas 13


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