Dwindling Days

Twelfth Night - June 18th

Looking for a safe place to store some sensitive items and looking for more information on ancient Enochian, Frankstumbled upon an underground passage within the public library’s reference section. Following the twisting descent, he discovered what looked like a magical lab in some sort of disarray. The floor was littered with pages of texts, both in English and Enochian, as well as odd alchemical symbols which appeared somewhat similar to what Jerry had been drawing. Senyn came by to look it over and assist Frank. The two of them noticed that this structure was a place of great magical power.

Lucas found a mail truck. It was a good day for a drive.

Meanwhile, Allison began to suspect some dissent from her husband and contacted Thomas. They began to doubt their plan was still working as expected. As they were going to bed, Tyler assaulted her with a knife, causing some serious wounds. Allison, in her full glory, hung her husband precipitously in the sky before making him let go, ten stories above the ground.

Shockingly, he ran form the scene. Thomas arrived with Lucas in tow as they had been called by Allison. Thomas treated her wounds as Lucas tracked down Tyler. He cornered the ghoul in a shipping dock and slammed into him, using the bulk of his true for. Lucas made a quick meal out of the man and returned with but his shoes.

Allison, dismayed at what happened, is now quite upset at Lucas for disrupting her plans…

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 4
Frank 3
Lucas 4
Senyn 3
Thomas 3


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