Dwindling Days

Fifteenth Night (cont.) - June 22nd

With time to kill (pun intended), Lucas returned to the Ameristar casino with his stolen ambulance and spare vessel in tow. Parking it around the back, he set up a hiding place to jump potential victims. Finding one wondering alone, he pounced. The shapechanger, one from the previous night, was caught completely unaware. Lucas dispatched him quickly and proceeded to retreat from the area. Returning to the ambulance, he was surprised to see a large number of police cruisers surrounding the ambulance, the doors of which were open. Strangely, though, there were no officers and little noise. A strange smell alerted him to danger as screaming police officers rained down onto cruisers and concrete. From the ambulance emerged his spare vessel, sporting a grotesque form with somewhat bird-like appearances. Lucas began to wrestle with the beast, incurring some severe injury from its attacks. Luckily, he overpowered the creature. Destroying it caused the black smoke to pour out of it which fled it no the night. Lucas did the same, avoiding the smoke.

Frank was called to the McCleans to watch Jerry as he had been having fits again. Miranda’s concern was agonizing and she was reaching for anything to help. After socializing with the boy, he began to have another fit. Restraining him he began to speak in a strange tone in English. He brought the boy out to speak to Miranda and what he saw startled him. Miranda appeared to be in the process of transforming into something strange, black smoke swirling about. As she moved closer, Jerry spoke of becoming whole and rejoining as though he were what was inside his mother. Frank made the logical decision, holding the boy and running. Miranda’s body contorted violently as her head exploded releasing the smoke within, but Frank had already gone into the night.

Thomas and Allison received another summons, this time in the form of Martin. He relayed that he had been captured in his own home and was now being held there at gunpoint. The two gathered and entered the home ready for a fight. Discussions broke down quickly as the vampires there told them that they were a wild card in the area and were causing irreconcilable chaos and to stand down and leave. Scoffing, the two had a quick scuffle, rescuing Martin and then igniting his home into a raging inferno. The panicked, Röttschreck inspired screams were recorded for posterity outside the home for later use.


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