Dwindling Days

Fifteenth Night - June 22nd

Allison, working from home, played host to an unexpected visitor: Helen. She had been couch surfing and returned looking for a familiar place to stay. She seemed jovial (and hungry) as she told Allison that there was a van outside which seemed suspicious. She volunteered to check it out for Allison. Taking no chances, Allison let her go down as she watched from her balcony. After a few frustrated knocks from Helen, she ripped the door off its hinges with preternatural strength. Allison came to her aid, hearing gunshots and scuffling. She cautiously approached and found Helen had killed one man and disabled another. Some questioning led nowhere, and the two called Gregory to transport the “evidence” to Thomas’s residence.

Lucas decided to find a suitable backup host at the Two Rivers mental institution. After jumping and maiming a couple of EMTs responding to a fake 911 call, he stole their uniform and ambulance. Arriving at the institution he began to bang heads quite hard causing an alarm to be sounded. Quick wit won the day and he bullshitted his way to some isolation cells. Fooling the posted guard into coming out of his booth, he accosted the man for his pass, allowing him access to the patients. Subduing a suitably crazy one, he drug the limp body outside to the ambulance where he strapped the poor fool in. Next stop, the casino…

Frank received a call to come to the hospital where Bertran was being treated. Arriving there, he was met by Eli, Jim and Indian woman by the name of Raj. Eli, somewhat out of the loop seemed doubtful at this alternative medicine, but Frank and Jim convinced him they were trying multiple options to speed his recovery. As Eli and Jim stood watch, Raj instructed Frank that he was to enter Bertran’s psyche to speak with him. Holding a ceremonial knife in one hand by the blade, Frank closed his eyes and drifted away as Raj began a ritual to open his perceptions. Opening his eyes again, Frank awoke in a foggy, not-quite-accurate version of downtown Kansas City. Hearing some mellow jazz music from a nearby bar, Frank encountered his master within, parts of his psyche flitting about to speak with him. He informed Frank that his mind was damaged and he was slowly pulling back together, but what was important was to fix the cabal’s mistakes and help Jerry. The ritual that they had performed pulled what was using Jerry as a conduit out into the world, fractured into pieces. This black smoke killed all but Pain. He explained that the geass he was under compelled him to dig in the fields for something, but he was unsure what he was looking for. Squeezing the knife, Frank returned to the material world. He thanked Raj and got her information so he could learn more from her.

Thomas awakened to an unexpected guest in his basement. Allison, Helen and Gregory had brought him fresh meat to go with his previous night’s capture. The spy proved resistant to questioning, but Allison forced her will on him and made him speak of what he knew. He accepted the job as is with no knowledge of the requester or of the mark. He was simply monitoring for a couple of days and dropping off surveillance in a YMCA locker. The attacker from the previous night explained that some fancy suit wearing guy had hired him at a local bar as muscle. Speaking with the Meades, Thomas learned that the gentleman that had approached them was similar. Suspecting Ventrue retribution, Thomas decided to send the attacker back as a message. The spy might come in handy, though…


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