Dwindling Days

Fourteenth Night - June 21st

Allison began the process of deflecting police investigations into her husband’s death. Two detectives arrived at her office making inquiries about her husband and his disappearance. Feigning ignorance, she planted a suggestion about a secret drug problem Tyler may have had. The cops, swayed supernaturally, took the bait. The lie took root.

Senyn continued to study the Enochian scripts and images. As he did so he began recalling memories of the past, before the fall of man and how he had forged paths for humans, with nary a selfish thought. After some more time, he recalled the same people from the earlier memory and how the fall had placed them in a desperate situation. Though no longer ignorant, they were terrified by the clash of realities, and he guided them once more to relative safety. The study proved fruitful, as he began to realize that the scripts form part of a name, but not in the common sense of the word.

Frank began investigating more of his own mysteries and called the order for assistance in reaching out to the comatose Paine. Jim, the man who had been in contact, declared he would pull in some favors to get someone who could assist. Meanwhile, sensing that Senyn could help, he attempted to transmit the script from the metal slab unsuccessfully. The script seemed purely supernatural and would neither photograph nor had depth to transfer. Instead Senyn came to look at it and confirm that it was indeed the same sort of script he was relearning to read.

Lucas decided to raid the Ameristar casino, knowing that the werewolf, Cedrick, was involved in the establishment. He crashed into the HR department and began a rampage. Quickly, four of the employees transformed into terrible wolf-like forms and engaged him in combat. After dispatching two with ease, Lucas was quickly overwhelmed by the remaining two as their rage peaked. His body torn asunder, he found a suitable host nearby, a heroin addict close to overdose. With the abyss tugging at his spirit, he quickly pushed his way in and fled the casino.

Thomas, after enjoying a quick feed, received a call from the Meades. They informed him that they had taken out a messenger who was propositioning them for a hit on Thomas. After the phone call, Thomas found himself accosted by two hired ruffians, disposing of one quickly and capturing the other for questioning.


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