Dwindling Days

Sixteenth Night - June 23rd

Lucas slept on the roof of Thomas’s home. Awakening, he decided to wait for nightfall and enjoy some Lifetime television inside.

Allison gave a mediocre speech this Sunday morning, but was reassured by her assistant Julie. Though Julie seems concerned about Allison’s state after her husband’s abrupt disappearance, she also seems to be getting overly attached to Allison, making some suggestive statements on the drive home. Allison is warned later by Helen that Julie seems weird and that she should watch out.

Frank awakes to Desiree asking questions about the boy he brought home. He is asked whether or not he has called the police after he insinuates that something happened to his mother. Desiree seems to be taking a very motherly attitude towards the boy during the day, and is somewhat questioning of Frank. Afterwards, he is asked to meet up by Erica. She insinuates that she is awakening and wishes to learn from Frank and he from her. She also gives him some suggestions about the boy. It appears that he is intrinsically linked to whatever is happening, represented in her readings by the 4 of Wands. Multiple copies of The World appear to mark major players, representing understanding and completeness, the end of a journey.

Later during the night, Thomas gathers the actors to investigate the bar, Danny T’s, to see if any suspicious persons arrive. Martin and Helen come along. Thomas engages Martin in some discussion about powers, picking up blood tricks. In the bar, Thomas and Allison begin playing mind games with their waitress. What will happen next?


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