Dwindling Days

Thirteenth Night - June 20th

After a rousing introspection into kindred society, the group decided it would be best to exterminate the remaining business associates and cover their tracks on the way out of their meeting.

A small retinue took Roger home and concocted a devious plan. Controlling his mind, they made him shoot and kill his wife as she answered the door, and then proceeded to force him to write a suicide note and kill himself.

With that out of the way, the group now begins to plan their next steps. Thomas appears to be focused on securing his hold in Kansas City from further incursions from the Camarilla. Allison is focused on covering her tracks and winning the race. Senyn and Cedrick both have some serious research to do, one with languages and the other about vampires. Lucas is struggling to find a meaning to his newfound freedom, and carnage may be his goal. Frank is refocused on the death of his son and debilitation of his master and is searching for more answers to these freak occurrences.


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