Dwindling Days

Twelfth Night - June 19th

A night of trouble continues for Lucas as he battles his madness. It overtakes him unwillingly and he finds himself eating the remains of a homeless man and surrounded by cops, mocked by faceless visages. As suddenly as it occurred, the smoke erupted around Lucas, killing the police officers and apparently destroying one of the visions he was having. The voices shrieked and he took flight, skimming through the Power & Light district. People fell to the smoke as it chased but he managed to avoid it, finding sanctuary in the church where he met Emma. Emma’s words seemed to disturb the visions Lucas had.

Frank followed some leads given to him by the private investigator and found Master Paine. Bertran appeared to be wandering aimlessly around a field in northern Independence, apparently guarded by the smoke. Frank battles with magic and contained it, sapping it away from Bertran. His master became lucid for a few moments and let him know about how he had attempted to help the boy, Jerry, and that something wanted to be free before fainting into a comatose state.

Cedrick realized he was being followed after work when going to his car. Attempting to lose the tail while driving, he cornered his pursuers at the Flying J truck stop. After a brief talk and a briefer fight, he managed to dispatch the two men. The appeared to have a GPS which he used to find they had come from Garmin.

Martin informed Thomas that his presence was suddenly requested at the inner circle controlling Garmin, including that of Allison. It was also time to show them he had some muscle. He wrangled up his ghouls and the Meades, as well as his demonic compatriots, the mage and the new lupine and prepared for a possibly rough meeting.

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 5
Frank 6
Lucas 6
Thomas 6
Cedrick 5


I bet it was a TomTom in their car.

Twelfth Night - June 19th
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