Dwindling Days

Twelfth Night - June 19th (cont.)

After gathering up all his forces, Thomas made a showing at the Garmin corporation. Some tactical prepartion took place to ensure a safe meeting, as walking straight into enemy territory can sometime be… tricky.
After arriving, the group consisting of the Cuthbert brothers, the Meades, Martin, Gregory, Nick, Maggie, Helen, Senyn, Frank, Lucas, Cedrick, Allison and Thomas met with a group of what appeared to be businessmen, arriving via helicopter. Obvious to those in the know, all of these men were embraced. The retinue was headed up by one Alexander Brams and his closest partners.
The discussion began cordially enough, though Frank, Lucas and Senyn made preparations for a fight or flight situation on the sly. Thomas noted Mr. Brams signet ring, which led him to believe the man belonged to the Camarilla clan, Ventrue. Alexander spoke of his purpose and inquired into Thomas’s. There seemed to be a conflict in interest. It was also revealed that these men may have taken Tyler into their employ before his… untimely death.
Alexander requested that Thomas halt his power play, Allison cede her re-election campaign and that they join his network, as their resources were mysterious and intriguing. The blunt proposal left them at an impasse. Thomas reluctantly reached an agreement to do so. When shaking hands, he enacted a quick double cross with some unexpected vicissitude and the meeting devolved into a brawl.
The vampires and engaged with Thomas’s entourage as Thomas merged his arm with Alexander’s. The group quickly, and unexpectedly overpowered them and Allison forced them to a knee with her divine voice. Sealed in an inescapable meeting, the remaining kindred had some decisions to make…

End Act II

Experience Gained (including cool points)…
Allison 5
Frank 5
Lucas 6
Thomas 7
Cedrick 5


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