Cammy Cuthbert

Aging party girl


Fortitude: *


Cammy is a 30 year old “woman” who can’t quite let go of her sorority days and the partying and random encounters they entailed. Who cares if her family’s limited funds were wasted on 3 years of failed classes at KU, she didn’t need that liberal arts degree anyway.
Nowadays she lives with her brothers, Todd and Scooter in Blue Springs. Obviously, she doesn’t work, but her brothers take care of her well enough, and she returns the favor spending the money she’s given on design clothes, makeup and booze. Someday though, she’ll find someone who will take care of her properly and make life easy.
Cammy’s party life has caught up with her, making her look prematurely older than she actually is. Thomas Kensington has swooped in a bid to show her he can make that stop and maybe even go backwards.

Cammy Cuthbert

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