Scooter Cuthbert


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Scooter is the middle sibling of Todd Cuthbert and Cammy Cuthbert. He’s awkward and suffers from severe anxiety in most social situations. He appears nondistinct and is 32 years of age, with brown close cropped hair. He wears a worn denim jacket normally and slouches. He commonly stutters and has a bit of a thousand yard stare, due to his anxiety.
He is currently in some sort of debt to some vampire gangbangers for unknown reasons, along with his brother. They had worked for the vampires previously for blood and profit, but a falling out of some sort over money has driven them to desperate measures.
A run in with Thomas Kensington and Allison Berge has opened an opportunity to alleviate that issue as well as provide the blood he wants.

Scooter Cuthbert

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