Todd Cuthbert


Potence: *


Todd is the older brother to Scooter Cuthbert and Cammy Cuthbert. He appears to be a bit on the side of whiskey tango, covering unkempt brown hair with a mesh trucker’s cap at all times. He’s not the brightest person, but he’s definitely the smartest out of his siblings. Growing up tuning up cars, he learned to be an auto mechanic and works at a shop out in Blue Springs to support his siblings.
The 35 year old and his brother, Scooter, had at one point been involved with some shady individuals who turned out to be vampires. Ghouling the brothers allowed them to do day work for the vampires for a bit of extra pay. At some point, they had a falling out over money and it appears that the brothers are in debt and possible danger
An attempt to steal blood from Thomas Kensington during a meeting with Allison Berge, opened up an opportunity for the blood they sought and a deal with a Devil to alleviate their debts.

Todd Cuthbert

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