Jetta (Allision Berge)

2010 Jetta TDI

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Allison purchased her Jetta brand new, almost two years ago. Like most women, Allison is a terrible driver, and has gotten into two fender benders. Her first wreck, she rear-ended a Prius that made a sudden stop on a right-hand turn. It damaged the front bumper of the Jetta, but damage was minimal.

Three months ago, Allison had a second, more serious run-in with a fire hydrant she didn’t see in a parking lot. The hydrant tore a hole along the passenger-side door and busted the front right tire. A few thousand dollars in repairs later (rather a $500 deductible later), Allison’s Jetta was back in business.—

Jetta (Allision Berge)

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