Dwindling Days

Ninth Night - March 22nd, 23rd and 30th

Frank’s rampage and Senyn’s work resulted in a permanent tomb for a number of junkies.
Heading down to street level, Frank hopped into the ambulance to escort his son to the hospital, brooding on what had happened and what to do next. The night passed quickly and it was time to face Desiree. Predictably… she was devastated.
Allison tried to warm up to her new house guest, and found her to be quite apathetic and directionless. A call from Tyler broke the awkward breakfast. The plan was working and he was asking to move back in.
The next week, Frank received a call from the coroner. He had found no drugs in Mikey’s system and wanted to ask Frank a few questions concerning his passing. He had mentioned some smoke and was wondering if Mikey had been smoking cigarettes. Frank’s temper flares, and his companion at the meeting, Senyn, tried to help him through it. The funeral would be tomorrow.
At Thomas’s office that night he had a feeling something was wrong. He noticed that no one was there. The power was then cut and the game afoot. He called in for help from the others and prepared for an attack. It soon came, crashing through a wall!

Eighth Night - March 21st, 2012

Frank continued to ponder his new possession. Things seemed to swirl about him.
Lucas and Senyn took off to the Kansas City Zoo in order to make some new friends. With some rope and a bit of ingenuity, the two started a distraction (read as: fire) to lower Lucas into the hippo enclosure with a makeshift weapon. AS he swung from the rope, he struck one of the hippos hard enough to draw blood. Using this he infiltrated the gorilla enclosure. His antics and Senyn’s showmanship made for quite a show for the children. Escaping the angry primates, he then used these abilities to capture an eagle. Done for the time being, Lucas announced he would be staying at the zoo for the time being.
Allison and Thomas enacted their plan to ensnare Tyler. Allison, wanting to protect her political prospects, enlisted Thomas’s aid in ghouling her husband. Gregory, Thomas’s assistant, came with Allison to a promotional photo shoot with Cammy and Tyler. After the photos, a light nearly hit Tyler. Quick thinking on Gregory’s part brought him down with a drugged blow dart. They took him immediately to Thomas’s clinic to be checked over. There, Thomas did his dirty work, bruising his face, taking some blood, and giving some back. His will overcame his remorse and a few more treatments will seal the deal.
Frank tracked down his son, who once again went missing, with some assistance from Senyn. Speaking with Maggie and Nick, they found that he had spoken with some of the people at the center. He had subsequently left with some other individuals for a party. Showing up late in the morning, the two of them found an apartment full of sleeping junkies, Mikey sleeping on a couch among them. Attempts to wake him failed. The two checked his vitals, and found he was not breathing. They called for an ambulance and began resuscitating him, without success. The EMTs wheeled the lifeless Mikey from the apartment.
With only a few terse questions, Frank awoke those in the room. Senyn closed the exits and entrances to the apartment. A father unleashed hell upon those whom he deemed complicit.

Seventh Night (Cont.) - March 21st, 2012
Strength and The Hermit

Frank was completely surrounded by a group of gibbering thugs when he entered that bar. He quickly defended himself and held out until help shortly arrived. Allison, Thomas and Lucas ran to find what had sent Frank running down the street. Senyn, fashionably late, showed up to chaos in the bar.
Using some newly learned and remembered abilities, the partners were able to subdue teh attackers. A fire was started and they fled the scene. Frank now had more questions about what had happened to his master.
That night, as Allison arrived at her condo, she was greeted at the entryway by a girl slumped against the door. Visually, it appeared she had been doing heroin. Allison, invited her into her home to get cleaned up and have a meal, learning that the girl heard voices and was apparently schizophrenic.
Thomas was contacted by Martin with a proposition of investing in some funds. Regarding this as a solid deal, he began to make arrangements to transfer money into investments.
The next morning, Frank was approached by a stranger outside of the library, apparently making a delivery to him. The deliveryman hefted a large rectangular art piece up to the offices and told Frank that he “would know what to do with it”. After he left, Frank unwrapped the piece and found it to be a large rectangular slab of metal, crudely ground on one side into a blade. While touching the metal, he could hear faint voices and see barely visible script flowing over it. Frank transcribed as much of the unknown script to paper as he could. This would require more investigation.

Seventh Night - March 21st, 2012
The Wheel of Fortune

The day after saw our new actor, Mr. Simms still struggling with the insanity which warps his perceived reality. Exploring the world a bit, he managed to steal a baseball bat from some young kids and run off a postal worker. The squirrels seemed to flee for the moment.
Mr. Blunt was visited by a benefactor of the library, a fellow board member worried about Mr. Paine. He encouraged Frank to continue his work, as he knew something was wrong, and offered any assistance he may need. He was also visited by a young Jerry and his mother, the single mother he had tailed before. He learned Master Paine had been working to help young Jerry overcome a sudden onset of mutism caused by his father’s death.
Allison and Thomas organized a meeting with the remaining Meades to discuss a truce and possible future prospects. At the same time, Allison showed that they made good on their promise to the Cuthberts, earning more trust (as well as faith). The Meades seemed interested in restoring their mutilated brother and possible “enhancements”.
After teh vampires left, Frank recognized a familiar face, that of Master Paine, and chased him into a bar. In teh bar he was met with the visage of his master all around him, gibbering nonsense. Frank was under attack!

Sixth Night (Cont.) - March 20th, 2012

After capturing one of their pursuers, the ragtag group took their new prisoner for a bit of a ride. Some insidious fleshcraft helped blind his senses to their exact location as they made a pitstop by a hardware store for supplies.
Bringing the captive back to Thomas’s office, they strapped him down and performed a little more intense questioning. The struggling bloodsucker managed to weaken some bindings but through a little creative effort they held fast.
He spoke of how his family would take them out and revealed where they could be frequently found, without worry. Could this be confidence in their ability or just false bravado?
The still “living” remains were deposited blatantly where he would be easily found.
Erica’s fortune telling no longer consisted of The Devil, as the scene closed.

Sixth Night - March 20th, 2012
The Devil

The article about plastic surgery went out to the public today in the Kansas City Star, as per Allison’s request.
Senyn was contacted by Erica with some news. Over lunch, she informed him that she would accept the offer. Senyn, happy with the news, formed a pact with her, promising her knowledge and truth in exchange for her continued support. Erica was excited but at the same time confused. She revealed that her decision was based an odd occurrence over the past day and a half. The previous day, while reading tarot for customers, she discovered that no matter how many times she cut her tarot deck, Temperance appeared. Today was slightly different in that The Devil continued to appear. No matter who she had cut her deck or which deck she used, it was always the same. She demonstrated for Senyn, who encouraged her to continue doing what she was doing.
Senyn contacted Frank and informed him of what he had seen. Frank had a moment of recall and pulled the card he had found out of his belongings, Temperance. The two speculate it may be related…
That evening, the four gathered to perform some high level surveillance for the vampires they were looking for. They brought along Cammy with Gregory driving the car. The four (Thomas, Frank, Allison and Senyn) exposed Cammy to their worlds, reaping faith and attempting to make her believe that they were going to make her into something great.
As the drive continued, Gregory informed the passengers that they were being blocked by what appeared to be bikes. Turning teh car, the riders followed, firing on the limo. Quickly cutting the wheel, Gregory stopped teh car, sending one of the pursuers over the car. Avoiding a major scuffle, they sent the three upright pursuers fleeing. Thomas, meanwhile, proceeded to fully disable the wrecked rider. It seems like the group may have their lead.

Fifth Night - March 19th, 2012

Frank’s investigation led him to visit the doctor of one his cabal member, who happened to be related to Frank himself. The doctor, passing along some confidential information, confirmed Frank’s suspiscions: he was perfectly healthy before he died. Armed with this information and the location of the victim’s apartment, Frank went about investigating the scene of the death. He picked the lock of the apartment (with a little magical chutzpah) and entered to see things had not yet been removed. Eerily though it looked as though the place had been vacant for much longer than it had been, with a thick layer of dust and advanced decay of plant matter. Stepping into the bedroom and performing a meditation exercise, Frank found an odd tarot card present on teh night stand, the Temperance care. While examining this he noticed that a familiar black cloud of smoke was lingering close to the ceiling. This time, however, it did not seem to possess a will and simply swirled about. Frank captured some of it in a jar and exited the premises.
Allison contined her political maneuvering for reelection and kept digging for answers to her own situation. In this she seems to be taking a liking to Julie and thinks she may be an ally if cultivated correctly.
Thomas, starting his evening, continues teh blood bonding with his ghouls and calls in to Martin to request more information. He is informed that Kindred seem to control the Garmin corporation at some level, but he will need to find an in.
That evening, Frank and Senyn met with Allison and Thomas at Thomas’s office. As a part of a meet and greet, they exchanged various tidbits about their true natures. In the process, Allison managed to forge a simple pact with Frank as Thomas convinced him to imbibe some blood. Frank was a bit unsettled by Thomas’s actions but when presented by their joint request to investigate the vampire gang that troubled teh Cuthberts, he accepted.

Fourth Night - March 18th, 2012
They slipped me something...

Frank awoke in the morning to speak with his son about teh previous night’s events. Mikey, eating cereal, explained to his dad that he has been clean for the past six months, but a few nights ago, his friends had smoked marijuana with him. Something was in it and Mikey had just come down from it the previous night. He told his father about a place downtown that he’s been attending, unbeknownst to his parents, out of fear of reprisal from his mother, that helps people kick drug addiction.
Frank called Senyn, who had spent the morning tuning up his vehicle with a little supernatural flair, and visiting local leads on spooks. He found a promising lead in Grandview: a psychic named Erica. She seemed to have some actual potential and may become a competent ally. Senyn hinted taht she could be more and asked about her interest in a real paranormal investigation team. She seemed somewhat interested and they exchanged information.
Frank and Senyn decided to go check out this rehabilitation center. What they found was a renovated warehouse with a very hippy vibe. Obvious tweakers and addicts were gathering to eat and socialize. Theymet with the organizers in their rooftop greenhouse, Nick and Maggie. They explained that they worked altruistically to provide a better community and how they really wanted to help Mikey. They asked Frank to be supportive and let them know if they could do anything at all.
Senyn meanwhile, pocketed some plant material which appeared to be of the illegal variety. After walking downstairs, Nick informed them that it was fake. They used the stuff to help people kick their habits through placebo. Always wary, they tested the substance later and found that indeed it was not marijuana.
Meanwhile, Thomas awoke to a new night and decided to go for a ride. Upon entering his car, he was greeted by an unexpected guest, Martin Jevin. Martin explained that he was here on a favor to Thomas’s sire to provide information. He spoke of major business and the landscape of the kindred in the area. After a quick snack, Thomas left and spoke with Allison.
Before speaking with Thomas, Allison spent teh day doing research on the world around her. When Thomas met with her, the two spoke about setting up Cammy as a spokesperson for their careers and using the Cuthbert siblings. Speaking with them, they found the names of teh local vampires giving them grief as well, to be dealt with soon. After the discussion, Allison’s husband stopped by with Becky. The demon within Allison would like to eschew this part of her human persona, after becoming quite irate at Tyler. They left the house soon after, Tyler refusing to let Becky stay the night. Allison made plans with Thomas afterwards to deal with Tyler in an efficient manner…

Third Night (Cont.) - March 17th, 2012
Doesn't that taste bad?

The evening descended and Allison busied herself to prepare for a meeting with Thomas. Making a call to the Kansas City Star, she convinced the staff to run a mutually beneficial human interest piece of reconstructive plastic surgery. With this in hand, Allison met with Thomas at his office suite in Corporate Woods.
The chat went smoothly until unexpected guests arrived: Cammy and her two brothers. The previous night’s lite snack had been drinking again and wanted to come back for more of the ‘magical’ facial cream that Thomas had slipped her. Her brothers, however, had different ideas. After some awkward social interaction and a confirmation from Scooter, the eldest brother, Todd, struck out at Thomas. Brawling with the man, Thomas managed to subdue him and ingest some blood. Allison used her otherworldly appearance and voice to frighten Scooter into a corner. Cammy protested her brothers’ actions drunkenly.
Speaking further, they found that the brothers had been ghouls, hungry for blood but without a consistent supply. They had run into some hard times and were in debt to their previous ‘masters’. Without a bit of superhuman ability, they lacked the ability to repay the debt nor protect themselves.
Providing some blood, Thomas fed the siblings, including Cammy, in order to attain their services, especially since they may have some knowledge of the city’s goings on. Allison also struck a deal with them to alleviate their debts. The meeting had indeed been prosperous, but now they will have to deal with an unkown foe.
While on stakeout with Senin, Frank received text messages from his son, Mikey, asking for a ride back home. Mikey had been missing for a number of days without communication. Breaking off from the stakeout, Frank took his bike into Kansas City’s warehouse district. He found the boy strung out waiting for his father. He got on the bike and they began the trip home.
Frank, however, soon sensed a source of power nearby and decided to investigate while he could. Down the street only a few short blocks away, Frank found a warehouse that seemed to be the source of the power. Upon entering (with grace and stealth) he found a careved wooden statue about two feet tall. The object seemed to be a talisman of some sort.
Apparently he was not the only thing on the talisman’s trail, as a miasma of black smoke surrounded it. As Frank went to pick up the statue, the tweakers from teh street came into the warehouse and headed straight for the item. With a wail and a great gnashing of teeth, the men incoherently babbled and began to eat the item. Frank attempted to break them up but the menacing smoke began to approach him. Finding his firearm ineffective, Frank made it to his son and departed in short order. The men were seen carrying the remnants into the night, devouring the remaining splinters. What could have come over these men?

Third Night - March 17th, 2012

Frank, with a newfound piece of evidence, courtesy of an infernal bookstore owner, renewed his investigative fervor over a blog entry. Was it truly posted by his missing teacher? Or was it a premonition of things to come with a delayed posting? Unsure of this but, now fully aware of a hidden clue within it, Frank returns to Senin for assistance. The two make an unlikely duo, but plan a stake out of the house indicated by hidden coordinates. Finding the residential home quiet, but occupied, Senin, approaches with the cover of a broken vehicle and requiring a phone. Relaying information back to Frank, notes are kept and the mentioned Miranda and Jerry are located. What role does a young boy and mother have in this?
Allison searches for information on her late night visitors to determine what value they may hold or what danger they may pose. A friendly smile and a curteous questioning open doors to understanding. Losing no time, Allison schedules a meeting with the mysterious surgeon, Thomas Kincaid for the evening. Not letting these concerns slow her down, she prepares for next month, beginning her reelection bid with speaking engagement at the Kansas City Public Library on April 18th. This opportunity presents her with the ability to make a number of true believers out of a crowd of disenfranchised voters…


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