Dwindling Days

Second Night - March 16th, 2012
Aspiration, Confusion, Demons

Frank, inquisitive as ever, confronts the being he has tailed to a condominium near the plaza. Being true to his namesake, he ventures a guess as to its origin which earns entrance into the condo. Some awkward questioning later he learns that his hunch was correct and that she doesn’t know much about the modern world yet nor about his master, but leaves teh door open for possible… business ventures. Meanwhile, her other tail make his move and enters the condo to discuss political aspirations. Luckily, no police were notified…
During the day, Frank makes a few stops. An exchange at the south KCMO police department leads to a social gaffe and a hasty exit after failing to blackmail the correct individual. A regroup and new angle may be order. A field trip to the bookstores to search for more occult knowledge or individuals in the know leads to an unexpected surprise. A new demon has arrived, wearing the flesh of a local bookstore owner. He happens to be able to find the blog of Frank’s mentor, which leads to an interesting discovery. It’s being updated! Meanwhile, the new arrival begins to grasp onto what has become of the world, in an effort to make his own way.
That evening, Thomas went for a stroll to find new marks. With a few drinks and a few tricks he may be setting up for some “repeat business”.

First Night - March 15th, 2012
Actors Enter

March 15, 2012
Our story has begun with a rude awakening. Allison Berge has killed herself, a promising upstart in the political scene, she has despaired and taken a lethal dose of oxycotin. The possibility of a divorce which would kill her political career is almost certain. In steps one of the fallen, taking this chance to latch onto something material again. Allison awakes, however it is no longer her in control. The broken recollection of memories guides the one clad in Allison’s flesh back to her home to make sense of the world around her, much changed from the days of creation and rebellion.
Frank continues to search for answers, as the apparent sole remaining member of his cabal. Awaking from research induced clumber at the library, Frank senses the walls of reality convulsing nearby. His investigator background surfacing, Frank trails the essence born unto the world, with nothing but a small firearm and a notepad. Could this be the lead he needs to find what became of his master? It certainly is unnatural and unnatural things tend to attract one another.
Thomas has arrived in Kansas City to make his mark, and stake a claim over the territory for his clan. This still unruly city is ripe with opportunity, giving him enough raw materials to work his craft for years to come. Maybe with enough perserverence, he could even stake a claim as its ‘Prince’, mocking those under the masquerade. As all sagas do, beginnings are small and tedious. A failed move on a human mark though may have led him into something a bit depper and possibly lucrative.
Even on the outskirts, other beings are stirring. A man felled by his own wards has stirred another tormented essence into action…

Game Start!
Character Creation Session

Our first game will start on Oct 9, 2011. Be there and be prepared for character creation. Start thinking now of what you may like to play. Remember most characters, even supernatural, have some basic human roots.

If people come early, we can begin early and I will be able to help with creation as much as possible. Let me know if you have any question before Sunday that I can field.

I will try and pick up some tasty beer. Let me know if you have a preference, otherwise it’s game on!


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