Dwindling Days

Thirteenth Night - June 20th

After a rousing introspection into kindred society, the group decided it would be best to exterminate the remaining business associates and cover their tracks on the way out of their meeting.

A small retinue took Roger home and concocted a devious plan. Controlling his mind, they made him shoot and kill his wife as she answered the door, and then proceeded to force him to write a suicide note and kill himself.

With that out of the way, the group now begins to plan their next steps. Thomas appears to be focused on securing his hold in Kansas City from further incursions from the Camarilla. Allison is focused on covering her tracks and winning the race. Senyn and Cedrick both have some serious research to do, one with languages and the other about vampires. Lucas is struggling to find a meaning to his newfound freedom, and carnage may be his goal. Frank is refocused on the death of his son and debilitation of his master and is searching for more answers to these freak occurrences.

Twelfth Night - June 19th (cont.)

After gathering up all his forces, Thomas made a showing at the Garmin corporation. Some tactical prepartion took place to ensure a safe meeting, as walking straight into enemy territory can sometime be… tricky.
After arriving, the group consisting of the Cuthbert brothers, the Meades, Martin, Gregory, Nick, Maggie, Helen, Senyn, Frank, Lucas, Cedrick, Allison and Thomas met with a group of what appeared to be businessmen, arriving via helicopter. Obvious to those in the know, all of these men were embraced. The retinue was headed up by one Alexander Brams and his closest partners.
The discussion began cordially enough, though Frank, Lucas and Senyn made preparations for a fight or flight situation on the sly. Thomas noted Mr. Brams signet ring, which led him to believe the man belonged to the Camarilla clan, Ventrue. Alexander spoke of his purpose and inquired into Thomas’s. There seemed to be a conflict in interest. It was also revealed that these men may have taken Tyler into their employ before his… untimely death.
Alexander requested that Thomas halt his power play, Allison cede her re-election campaign and that they join his network, as their resources were mysterious and intriguing. The blunt proposal left them at an impasse. Thomas reluctantly reached an agreement to do so. When shaking hands, he enacted a quick double cross with some unexpected vicissitude and the meeting devolved into a brawl.
The vampires and engaged with Thomas’s entourage as Thomas merged his arm with Alexander’s. The group quickly, and unexpectedly overpowered them and Allison forced them to a knee with her divine voice. Sealed in an inescapable meeting, the remaining kindred had some decisions to make…

End Act II

Experience Gained (including cool points)…
Allison 5
Frank 5
Lucas 6
Thomas 7
Cedrick 5

Twelfth Night - June 19th

A night of trouble continues for Lucas as he battles his madness. It overtakes him unwillingly and he finds himself eating the remains of a homeless man and surrounded by cops, mocked by faceless visages. As suddenly as it occurred, the smoke erupted around Lucas, killing the police officers and apparently destroying one of the visions he was having. The voices shrieked and he took flight, skimming through the Power & Light district. People fell to the smoke as it chased but he managed to avoid it, finding sanctuary in the church where he met Emma. Emma’s words seemed to disturb the visions Lucas had.

Frank followed some leads given to him by the private investigator and found Master Paine. Bertran appeared to be wandering aimlessly around a field in northern Independence, apparently guarded by the smoke. Frank battles with magic and contained it, sapping it away from Bertran. His master became lucid for a few moments and let him know about how he had attempted to help the boy, Jerry, and that something wanted to be free before fainting into a comatose state.

Cedrick realized he was being followed after work when going to his car. Attempting to lose the tail while driving, he cornered his pursuers at the Flying J truck stop. After a brief talk and a briefer fight, he managed to dispatch the two men. The appeared to have a GPS which he used to find they had come from Garmin.

Martin informed Thomas that his presence was suddenly requested at the inner circle controlling Garmin, including that of Allison. It was also time to show them he had some muscle. He wrangled up his ghouls and the Meades, as well as his demonic compatriots, the mage and the new lupine and prepared for a possibly rough meeting.

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 5
Frank 6
Lucas 6
Thomas 6
Cedrick 5

Twelfth Night - June 18th

Looking for a safe place to store some sensitive items and looking for more information on ancient Enochian, Frankstumbled upon an underground passage within the public library’s reference section. Following the twisting descent, he discovered what looked like a magical lab in some sort of disarray. The floor was littered with pages of texts, both in English and Enochian, as well as odd alchemical symbols which appeared somewhat similar to what Jerry had been drawing. Senyn came by to look it over and assist Frank. The two of them noticed that this structure was a place of great magical power.

Lucas found a mail truck. It was a good day for a drive.

Meanwhile, Allison began to suspect some dissent from her husband and contacted Thomas. They began to doubt their plan was still working as expected. As they were going to bed, Tyler assaulted her with a knife, causing some serious wounds. Allison, in her full glory, hung her husband precipitously in the sky before making him let go, ten stories above the ground.

Shockingly, he ran form the scene. Thomas arrived with Lucas in tow as they had been called by Allison. Thomas treated her wounds as Lucas tracked down Tyler. He cornered the ghoul in a shipping dock and slammed into him, using the bulk of his true for. Lucas made a quick meal out of the man and returned with but his shoes.

Allison, dismayed at what happened, is now quite upset at Lucas for disrupting her plans…

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 4
Frank 3
Lucas 4
Senyn 3
Thomas 3

Eleventh Night - June 17th
The High Priestess and The Star

After a number of months, many things have occurred.

Senyn has been continuing to work with Erica to expose her latent abilities and make her believe. She seems to have that creative spark within, and Frank has confirmed, but neither are adept enough to mentor her properly. He decides to seek out the pair that he and Frank had met at the recovery shelter, after Erica begins drawing the High Priestess card. He brings along Erica and Monica, his shop clerk, to expose them to new experiences.

Frank has begun to cope with the death of Mikey in his own way. Desiree has been somewhat quiet since, but seems to be holding up. Absorbing himself in his work, Frank has refocused on the search for his master, with Eli supporting him within the library. He has become defacto head of the branch to keep operations moving and a number of sleeping pages and clerks have moved in to help. The police as always have not been helpful since the mysterious deaths of his cabal brothers. Frank is met by a somewhat sociable mage claiming to be from the order, going simply by James. He tells Frank that the order has received strange writings from Bertrand and he is looking to cooperate with Frank to find him. The Order believes that Bertran may be dangerous and has stumbled across some dangerous knowledge. Frank shares his files and some of the sample of smoke before meeting with Senyn.

Thomas, working in the shadows of course, has been accruing a fortune with his investments with Martin. The Lasombra has become quite a partner with Thomas and has become somewhat of a confidant and partner. The Cuthberts have kept in contact and have been performing needed tasks for Thomas, though Cammy continues her party girl lifestyle. The Meades are on speaking terms for contract work, and may come around to form the base of a new power in the city. Martin receives word that the heads at Garmin are interested in Thomas’s activities and may want to meet with him. Martin believes they are kindred as well but beyond that not much is known. Preparations are to be made to set up this meeting.

Allison’s campaign is in full swing. Julie, the shy receptionist, has become somewhat more confidant moving into a personal assistant position for Allison. She is fiercely protective of Allison and much more motivated. A true bond has been formed over the months. On the other hand, Tyler has become somewhat despondent since becoming a blood slave. Though he seems to be following directions and has moved in with Allison again, he is cold and distant. Becky does not seem to be perturbed by this. The former house guest, Helen had moved out a few weeks after Tyler showed up, but has kept in contact with Allison, telling tales of various creatures she has seen and even assaulted. She seems to be couch surfing and hunting without a true aim.

Lucas still struggles with his madness. He seems to be hearing a cacophony of voices in his head. Regardless, he comes back to stay with Thomas, likely in order to drive Gregory mad as well. He decides to reap faith in a spectacular fashion by sneaking aboard a commercial airliner and transforming into an orca while aboard. It works a little too well, destroying the plane. The air disaster is a fiasco in the news but no evidence found as to what caused it.

Senyn, Frank, Monica and Eric visit Nick and Maggie at the shelter. While they are more seasoned as mages, they do not know enough to mentor Erica personally, but are willing to try and help. She shows them her ability with tarot, which is mystifying. Nick decides to perform a ceremony with Erica to help jump start her awareness, relying on hallucinogens. Maggie states that it is safe and Nick, in fact, has been sober for many years. The ceremony culminates in Erica speaking about seeking knowledge and of voices.

Afterwards, Frank receives a call from Miranda saying that her boy, Jerry, has been experiencing another one of his fits and has been sketching and speaking in tongues, borrowing some medical supplies for an IV drip from Thomas, Frank arrives to find the boy breaking out of the fit, terrified. He collects the papers, noting that some appear to contain Enochian script and somewhat strange alchemical symbols. Others seem like strange pictures, possibly of places or faces, but hard to interpret.

Thomas goes for a ride with Cutter to feed. He attempts to strike up friendly banter and insinuates he could definitely use their services. Cutter mentions that his fallen brother wasn’t necessarily his favorite, but he still needs to find a reason to trust in Thomas.

Allison sleeps happily, thinking of reelection even as her husband appears to slip into depression.

Lucas wanders the streets, arriving at Our Lady of Eternal Sufferring. Disregarding a tingling sensation, he enters and meets a sister of the church who offers her ear, but not as a priest. He explains voices and his madness, and she takes him seriously, offering to hear more as he sees a need. She leaves him a card with her name and contact information.

The next morning, Erica lets Senyn know a new card has been drawn: The Star.

Experience Gained (including gap experience and cool points)…
Allison 13
Frank 13
Lucas 14
Senyn 14
Thomas 13

Tenth Night - March 30th

Thomas’ office was assaulted by a werewolf. Quick thinking and heavy lifted proved to make short work of the intruder. The remains were disposed of quickly.

Allison’s questioning of Helen revealed some darkness in her past, including killing her parents. They seem to have been some sort of monster, feeding on human flesh. Helen wants nothing but to be left alone, but Allison senses this is not her true desire.

NOTE: We are now officially on hiatus and will resume at a later date. Thanks all!

Ninth Night - March 22nd, 23rd and 30th

Frank’s rampage and Senyn’s work resulted in a permanent tomb for a number of junkies.
Heading down to street level, Frank hopped into the ambulance to escort his son to the hospital, brooding on what had happened and what to do next. The night passed quickly and it was time to face Desiree. Predictably… she was devastated.
Allison tried to warm up to her new house guest, and found her to be quite apathetic and directionless. A call from Tyler broke the awkward breakfast. The plan was working and he was asking to move back in.
The next week, Frank received a call from the coroner. He had found no drugs in Mikey’s system and wanted to ask Frank a few questions concerning his passing. He had mentioned some smoke and was wondering if Mikey had been smoking cigarettes. Frank’s temper flares, and his companion at the meeting, Senyn, tried to help him through it. The funeral would be tomorrow.
At Thomas’s office that night he had a feeling something was wrong. He noticed that no one was there. The power was then cut and the game afoot. He called in for help from the others and prepared for an attack. It soon came, crashing through a wall!

Eighth Night - March 21st, 2012

Frank continued to ponder his new possession. Things seemed to swirl about him.
Lucas and Senyn took off to the Kansas City Zoo in order to make some new friends. With some rope and a bit of ingenuity, the two started a distraction (read as: fire) to lower Lucas into the hippo enclosure with a makeshift weapon. AS he swung from the rope, he struck one of the hippos hard enough to draw blood. Using this he infiltrated the gorilla enclosure. His antics and Senyn’s showmanship made for quite a show for the children. Escaping the angry primates, he then used these abilities to capture an eagle. Done for the time being, Lucas announced he would be staying at the zoo for the time being.
Allison and Thomas enacted their plan to ensnare Tyler. Allison, wanting to protect her political prospects, enlisted Thomas’s aid in ghouling her husband. Gregory, Thomas’s assistant, came with Allison to a promotional photo shoot with Cammy and Tyler. After the photos, a light nearly hit Tyler. Quick thinking on Gregory’s part brought him down with a drugged blow dart. They took him immediately to Thomas’s clinic to be checked over. There, Thomas did his dirty work, bruising his face, taking some blood, and giving some back. His will overcame his remorse and a few more treatments will seal the deal.
Frank tracked down his son, who once again went missing, with some assistance from Senyn. Speaking with Maggie and Nick, they found that he had spoken with some of the people at the center. He had subsequently left with some other individuals for a party. Showing up late in the morning, the two of them found an apartment full of sleeping junkies, Mikey sleeping on a couch among them. Attempts to wake him failed. The two checked his vitals, and found he was not breathing. They called for an ambulance and began resuscitating him, without success. The EMTs wheeled the lifeless Mikey from the apartment.
With only a few terse questions, Frank awoke those in the room. Senyn closed the exits and entrances to the apartment. A father unleashed hell upon those whom he deemed complicit.

Seventh Night (Cont.) - March 21st, 2012
Strength and The Hermit

Frank was completely surrounded by a group of gibbering thugs when he entered that bar. He quickly defended himself and held out until help shortly arrived. Allison, Thomas and Lucas ran to find what had sent Frank running down the street. Senyn, fashionably late, showed up to chaos in the bar.
Using some newly learned and remembered abilities, the partners were able to subdue teh attackers. A fire was started and they fled the scene. Frank now had more questions about what had happened to his master.
That night, as Allison arrived at her condo, she was greeted at the entryway by a girl slumped against the door. Visually, it appeared she had been doing heroin. Allison, invited her into her home to get cleaned up and have a meal, learning that the girl heard voices and was apparently schizophrenic.
Thomas was contacted by Martin with a proposition of investing in some funds. Regarding this as a solid deal, he began to make arrangements to transfer money into investments.
The next morning, Frank was approached by a stranger outside of the library, apparently making a delivery to him. The deliveryman hefted a large rectangular art piece up to the offices and told Frank that he “would know what to do with it”. After he left, Frank unwrapped the piece and found it to be a large rectangular slab of metal, crudely ground on one side into a blade. While touching the metal, he could hear faint voices and see barely visible script flowing over it. Frank transcribed as much of the unknown script to paper as he could. This would require more investigation.

Seventh Night - March 21st, 2012
The Wheel of Fortune

The day after saw our new actor, Mr. Simms still struggling with the insanity which warps his perceived reality. Exploring the world a bit, he managed to steal a baseball bat from some young kids and run off a postal worker. The squirrels seemed to flee for the moment.
Mr. Blunt was visited by a benefactor of the library, a fellow board member worried about Mr. Paine. He encouraged Frank to continue his work, as he knew something was wrong, and offered any assistance he may need. He was also visited by a young Jerry and his mother, the single mother he had tailed before. He learned Master Paine had been working to help young Jerry overcome a sudden onset of mutism caused by his father’s death.
Allison and Thomas organized a meeting with the remaining Meades to discuss a truce and possible future prospects. At the same time, Allison showed that they made good on their promise to the Cuthberts, earning more trust (as well as faith). The Meades seemed interested in restoring their mutilated brother and possible “enhancements”.
After teh vampires left, Frank recognized a familiar face, that of Master Paine, and chased him into a bar. In teh bar he was met with the visage of his master all around him, gibbering nonsense. Frank was under attack!


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