Dwindling Days

Fifth Night - March 19th, 2012


Frank’s investigation led him to visit the doctor of one his cabal member, who happened to be related to Frank himself. The doctor, passing along some confidential information, confirmed Frank’s suspiscions: he was perfectly healthy before he died. Armed with this information and the location of the victim’s apartment, Frank went about investigating the scene of the death. He picked the lock of the apartment (with a little magical chutzpah) and entered to see things had not yet been removed. Eerily though it looked as though the place had been vacant for much longer than it had been, with a thick layer of dust and advanced decay of plant matter. Stepping into the bedroom and performing a meditation exercise, Frank found an odd tarot card present on teh night stand, the Temperance care. While examining this he noticed that a familiar black cloud of smoke was lingering close to the ceiling. This time, however, it did not seem to possess a will and simply swirled about. Frank captured some of it in a jar and exited the premises.
Allison contined her political maneuvering for reelection and kept digging for answers to her own situation. In this she seems to be taking a liking to Julie and thinks she may be an ally if cultivated correctly.
Thomas, starting his evening, continues teh blood bonding with his ghouls and calls in to Martin to request more information. He is informed that Kindred seem to control the Garmin corporation at some level, but he will need to find an in.
That evening, Frank and Senyn met with Allison and Thomas at Thomas’s office. As a part of a meet and greet, they exchanged various tidbits about their true natures. In the process, Allison managed to forge a simple pact with Frank as Thomas convinced him to imbibe some blood. Frank was a bit unsettled by Thomas’s actions but when presented by their joint request to investigate the vampire gang that troubled teh Cuthberts, he accepted.


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