Dwindling Days

Ninth Night - March 22nd, 23rd and 30th

Frank’s rampage and Senyn’s work resulted in a permanent tomb for a number of junkies.
Heading down to street level, Frank hopped into the ambulance to escort his son to the hospital, brooding on what had happened and what to do next. The night passed quickly and it was time to face Desiree. Predictably… she was devastated.
Allison tried to warm up to her new house guest, and found her to be quite apathetic and directionless. A call from Tyler broke the awkward breakfast. The plan was working and he was asking to move back in.
The next week, Frank received a call from the coroner. He had found no drugs in Mikey’s system and wanted to ask Frank a few questions concerning his passing. He had mentioned some smoke and was wondering if Mikey had been smoking cigarettes. Frank’s temper flares, and his companion at the meeting, Senyn, tried to help him through it. The funeral would be tomorrow.
At Thomas’s office that night he had a feeling something was wrong. He noticed that no one was there. The power was then cut and the game afoot. He called in for help from the others and prepared for an attack. It soon came, crashing through a wall!


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