Dwindling Days

Sixth Night (Cont.) - March 20th, 2012

After capturing one of their pursuers, the ragtag group took their new prisoner for a bit of a ride. Some insidious fleshcraft helped blind his senses to their exact location as they made a pitstop by a hardware store for supplies.
Bringing the captive back to Thomas’s office, they strapped him down and performed a little more intense questioning. The struggling bloodsucker managed to weaken some bindings but through a little creative effort they held fast.
He spoke of how his family would take them out and revealed where they could be frequently found, without worry. Could this be confidence in their ability or just false bravado?
The still “living” remains were deposited blatantly where he would be easily found.
Erica’s fortune telling no longer consisted of The Devil, as the scene closed.


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