Dwindling Days

Sixth Night - March 20th, 2012

The Devil

The article about plastic surgery went out to the public today in the Kansas City Star, as per Allison’s request.
Senyn was contacted by Erica with some news. Over lunch, she informed him that she would accept the offer. Senyn, happy with the news, formed a pact with her, promising her knowledge and truth in exchange for her continued support. Erica was excited but at the same time confused. She revealed that her decision was based an odd occurrence over the past day and a half. The previous day, while reading tarot for customers, she discovered that no matter how many times she cut her tarot deck, Temperance appeared. Today was slightly different in that The Devil continued to appear. No matter who she had cut her deck or which deck she used, it was always the same. She demonstrated for Senyn, who encouraged her to continue doing what she was doing.
Senyn contacted Frank and informed him of what he had seen. Frank had a moment of recall and pulled the card he had found out of his belongings, Temperance. The two speculate it may be related…
That evening, the four gathered to perform some high level surveillance for the vampires they were looking for. They brought along Cammy with Gregory driving the car. The four (Thomas, Frank, Allison and Senyn) exposed Cammy to their worlds, reaping faith and attempting to make her believe that they were going to make her into something great.
As the drive continued, Gregory informed the passengers that they were being blocked by what appeared to be bikes. Turning teh car, the riders followed, firing on the limo. Quickly cutting the wheel, Gregory stopped teh car, sending one of the pursuers over the car. Avoiding a major scuffle, they sent the three upright pursuers fleeing. Thomas, meanwhile, proceeded to fully disable the wrecked rider. It seems like the group may have their lead.


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