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Kansas City City Hall

414 East 12th Street; Kansas City, MO
Allison has an office space within city hall on the 5th floor, within her represented district. City Hall is located in downtown Kansas City, MO and is central to most other locations. It is quite busy during the day, and at night sees much reduced traffic, but heavier police activity.

Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital

5121 Raytown Road; Kansas City, Missouri 64133
Frank spent six confusing, horrific, hopeless months of his life here before being found and promptly “cured” by Master Pain.

The Blunts’ Residence

703 E 10th St.; Kansas City, MO 64106
Frank Desiree, and occasionally Mikey, live here. Deiree had to downsize big-time to makes ends meet during Frank’s stint of mental instability. The owner also has the whole place for sale so the amount of time they have left to live here is uncertain.

Kansas City Public Library

14 West 10th Street; Kansas City, MO 64105
Frank has been working (somewhat living) life as a librarian since awakening. His cabal, now missing, were acting as librarians maintaining the knowledge located here publicly available and otherwise. His teacher, Master Pain, was acting as board member of the library, actively running the library. In his stead, mundane members of the board have taken his responsibilities within until he returns from his mysterious leave of absence. There is a third floor office which Frank has been using to perform his research. Below the library lies a vault of more hidden, occult knowledge which is the treasure of the local Hermetic mages.

Allison’s Condo – Townsend Place Condominiums

411 W 46th Ter; Kansas City, MO 64112-1460
Allison has a beatiful 8th story condo here next to the Plaza. It overlooks downtown Kansas City to the north. She has been living here until recently with her husband and daughter, but they have since moved in with Tyler’s mother until things are straightened out. The apartment is a mess from the impromptu move and from Allison not being there often.

Senin’s Bookstore – Prospero’s Books

1800 West 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111
Senin owns a used bookstore, catering to the more eccentric readers. Contained within are dusty tomes and dog eared pulp novels. Anything can be bought or sold, online or in person. The shop is own its last legs, but Senin is certain to bring it up and out of its downward spiral.

Miranda and Jerry Reisdence

307 E 80th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64114
Miranda and Jerry, surname currently unknown, appear to live at this modest residence in Kansas City. Frank and Senin briefly visited the home on a hunch from Master Paine’s blog. A white, 2006 Ford Explorer can be seen in the driveway.

Thomas Kensington’s Residence

3400 Norledge Ave Kansas City, MO 64123

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Heartland Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery – 12 Corporate Woods

10975 Benson Drive Suite 560, Overland Park, KS 66210

“When you expect a highly successful plastic surgery operation, you need to hire a competent plastic surgeon.”

Office loby
Office Notes:

  • The 2,473’ sq office space contains a mini-surgical suite with the required anesthesia and sterile environment for a successful outpatient experience.
  • Aside from the surgical-center there are four other rooms plus two bathrooms
    • Dr. Kensington’s office
    • Dr. Jenkins’ office
    • Conference/Presentation Room
    • Waiting room/Admitting

Notable Locales

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